Good Morning Oppo

I woke up with this image in my head so I had to make it. Thank you for listening.


It’s a joke. OMG it’s a joke. She said something I thought was dumb, and I made a photoshop relative of the comment she made with an image of her doing something else she was made fun of. That’s how memes work.


That’s it. I can’t believe I had to explain that.

Can’t anyone tell a joke without people flying off the handle? I’m making fun of what she said/did, not her politics. I thought twice about posting this, but then realized there wasn’t any political statement in it, and figured since we were all adults we could see the joke, or not laugh and move on.

If I was wrong, I apologize, and am open to discussion about the existence  of Microwave oven spy cameras.

Here are the others I made. I could not decide which one to use.



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