Had a visitor this morning as I sat outside having coffee. I gave him a quick lift to a safe spot in the yard.

We used to have thousands of frogs in our neighborhood. When our kids were little the yard would be covered with them at night. Some were as big as your fist, and they were breeding in the ponding basin that is around the corner. Then the city dredged the basin, which decimated the frog population.

Then the drought, and we saw very few frogs after that. Now if you move your garbage cans, roaches are living underneath. That is what was supporting the frog population. Needless to say, I am hoping our wet winter will be the harbinger of a frog renaissance, and the plague of roaches (outside not inside thank god) will be turned back.

Without frogs, the main insect predator is the black widow, which even a spider lover like me is not crazy about.


Enough of my babbling. I hope you all do well today at whatever it is you are doing.