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Good morning Oppo

I am cranky today as I think about tomorrow’s mediation. So many lies are being told. My attorneys have proof that their fee demands are lies. They paint this guy as a victim. They used their political connections to get him a visa almost immediately, and they want the insurance company to pay him a million dollars. This is the best thing that ever happened to him.

I keep turning the thing over in my head. I want to fight and expose what really happened, as I am not ashamed of my part of it. But I also understand that the carrier is going to spend a stupid amount of money on this case even if we win, so for them there is a lot of reason to shut this down and put it behind them.


I, of all people, should be well aware that the truth most often remains obscured and that bullshit rules the day. I also have to laugh. A week ago was a hero in the press, a week from now I will be a little monster. And the worst thing is that the Sunchaser is in the shop for an oil change today, so I can’t even drive my car.

Yes, Oppo, I am whining. 

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