This pic kind of sums up my presence on Oppo, but the Sunchaser should be uncovered.


I hope you are all doing well today, and your cars are running smoothly. I went to the trainer again this morning, and he is very nice for a professional tortuterer. He smiled a lot and was very friendly while he demonstrated the inadequacy of my puny muscles. “That’s a great job!” he says. “This will be an excellent foundation,’ he tells me. “I like where you are headed.” Do they teach these guys this stuff in trainer school? Don’t get me wrong, the two trainers I have worked with are super nice and I am not at all mocking them.

In fact, I am laughing at myself because these people know their work - the technique works. I felt encouraged, had a good workout, and will continue to spend the money formerly wasted on beer and bourbon on positive reinforcement and exercise.

I am interviewing today for 2 paralegals and my personal lackey/assistant/gofer/don’t be an idiot person. I also have a bunch of bullshit to unfuck for clients. It is supposed to rain again, so the Sunchaser is not coming out. I am ready for a window to drive it.


I hope you all have a good day.