Good Morning Oppo

Kirby says hi. I feel how he looks today. My workout was terrible today and I feel useless.


I took my first drive in the Alltrack to my trainer, and it is nice. My body and brain are conditioned to the GTI, and my left foot kept stomping on nothing. The tuned-down engine makes a big difference, but it still feels light, nimble, and fun. Being the top trim SEL, she even gets a few doodads that I don’t have.

But I have plaid seats so I win.

I was informed today that I am not to operate “her” Stella without permission. She asserts possession and control rapidly. The lady will have a tail rack, but hold the crash bars, please. Should I think about body and paint? I could do that M thing and rebadge it as a Vespa PX. So many possibilities...

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