Good morning,Oppo

This lovely animal is known as a Carpet Python (Morelia spilota). It’s one of a number of pythons found in Australia and is generally considered ‘mostly harmless’.


This particular example is currently trying to warm itself up beside our driveway after spending the night curled up under the camper. I put a box over it to protect it further in case of frost.

Its easily one of the longest and therefore oldest wild Carpet Pythons I’ve ever seen. It would be very close to 2 metres in length (well over 6 feet for the Imperialists). It’s also pretty skinny...the drought is biting hard. Unfortunately, now that it is winter, it won’t be fattening itself up because cold is not good for a snake’s digestive system.

Ill keep an eye on him over the day to see where he/she is headed (they are nomadic unless they find a regular food source and secure a rodent occupied house) and if such a heading is going to make things difficult for either us or the snake.

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