Good morning Oppo

My pond is looking good, and the lily pads are almost at the surface.


 I need marital assistance. We are going to the coast to see my mom for 4th of July (and I have to BBQ for 20 people). I want to take the bike because Hwy 1 + bike = Nirvana. It is about 150 miles over the mountains with some nice twisties to get there - including the spot where James Dean died (kinda - they moved the road so the actual spot is in a field.). My older son is bringing his girlfriend and - I WIN DAD OF THE YEAR- I am letting him drive her over and keep the Sunchaser for the holiday weekend.

My wife is adamantly opposed to me taking the bike, convinced I will be taken out by a moron in an oversized SUV with a “SAVE THE OCEANO DUNES” sticker on the back. How do I convince her that I can ride to the coast and not die?


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