What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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A landmark one block from the hotel. I have weird reactions to coming here, as I spent a lot of time doing things I shouldn’t here in the early 90s. Hollywood Blvd was a lot grittier then, and certainly not a place for tourism at night. You didn’t have to go far off the main strip to find serious trouble.


Looking at it now, I can’t tell if the changes I perceive are faulty memory or real change. Walking around last night and this morning, it seems the same, but with a lot more money, and a lot more garbage on the streets. It feels like a lot more residences have big spiked fences to keep people out. The homeless folks seem a lot more aggressively hostile (which I see a lot of in California, likely due to relaxation of drug laws), and holy shit, the whole place smells like weed pretty much everywhere. This morning, I saw a group of young men (6:30 am) who were fairly well dressed standing by their cars hanging out, and occasionally snorting some sort of white powder. Back in the day they would have been much more discreet out of necessity. But then again, no one pays much attention when you are walking a dog.

I have a lot of driving to do today.  I have to take Toby to Santa Clarita, where he will be dog sat for the day, then down to the LA Coliseum for Rams-49ers (Todd Gurley is out).  Then back to Santa Clarita and then on to Fresno.  I will be honest - I enjoy my rural travels more than my city travels.

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