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Good Morning

Have a 737. But not just any 737. It’s a Super 737.

British Airways Boeing 737-236Adv (G-BGDS) River Severn at Düsseldorf, 1985. Delivered to British Airways on September 11, 1980, the aircraft passed through GB Airways, back to British Airways, Pacific AirCorp (as N947PG), and went into storage after serving with Aerolineas Argentinas (as LV-ZTT) in 2000.


The 737-200 was lengthened over the -100 to add a couple of rows of seats, and also had improved aerodynamics, automatic wheel brakes, more powerful engines, more fuel capacity, and longer range. The -200 was the last 737 to have the JT8D turbofan cigars under the wings.

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