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Good Morning, Oppo

Illustration for article titled Good Morning, Oppo
Photo: Federal Aviation Administration

I found a nest of Eastern Connies. There are some interesting trucks in the foreground, too.


This photo was taken at Washington National Airport (DCA), which was renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport in 1998. Eastern Airlines took delivery of their first Super Constellations in December 1951, and started using them on flights between New York City and Miami. The Connie in the foreground, N6209C, started flying with Eastern in 1952, was heavily damaged in a ground collision in 1967, and then stored in Florida in 1972. It was recertified in 1973 with Happy Hours Travel Club, then ended up in the Dominicans where she flew with Aerotours Dominican and Aerochago Airlines. She was finally put out to pasture in 1986. Here’s how she looked in 1990, parked at the airport in Santo Domingo. The airliner was broken up the next year.

Illustration for article titled Good Morning, Oppo
Photo: Larry Johnson via Aerial Visuals

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