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Good Morning, Oppo

Happy Monday, Oppo. Let’s fly into the week with a little bit of Golden Age and a Ryan ST-A.


The ST was a series of two-seat monoplanes built by Ryan which served as trainer, aerobatic, and sport aircraft. It also formed the basis for the Ryan PT-22 Recruit, which became the primary flight trainer for the US with over 1,000 copies built. The ST-A was built specifically for aerobatics and was powered by a Menasco Pirate C4 four-cylinder aero engine that offered 125 hp. This aircraft, NC14910, was flown by Peter Dana. In 1935, the nineteen-year-old Dana, along with Jack Fisher, flew from San Diego to New York in a record time of just over 22 hours, making 11 fuel stops along the way. At the time, the fuel cost him about $60, which would be about $1,000 in today’s dollars.

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