To entice you into clicking this post, it starts with cuteness and concludes with a Vespa wrenching question.

Toby says hi! He had a rough day yesterday, as he made the ill-advised decision to hunt, kill, and eat several honeybees. He was mopey last night but appears to be himself this morning.

It is a lovely morning here in Central California. I am sitting by the pool at my outside bar/built-in grill, having coffee. Toby just had breakfast.


It is peaceful and quiet here. We have amazing trees, and the birds are the primary sound. The koi pond I built, which is behind the canopy you see in the photo, is bubbling away. It’s nice. Yesterday afternoon, it was a bull riding rodeo in that pool, but that is a different story.

SQUIRREL! Toby is currently going crazy following a squirrel along our fence line as it walks along the power lines strung behind my property. He killed a rat once, and is determined that one day, one of these squirrels will fall so he can kill it. I am rooting for him, because squirrels are assholes. We just had to have our internet fixed because they chewed through the lines. They eat the fruit from the lemon and orange trees everyone has here, and throw the hollowed out peels in my yard. Little bastards.


I finally got my Vespa sorted out and running right. As it turns out, my carb needed cleaning, I think because of the time it sat, and the air filter needed to be changed because the old one was soaked with gas. My fuel line was very brittle and had torn, so that needed replacing as well in the course of removing the ridiculous EVAP system. In addition, the head on the wire that attaches to the spark plug had come loose.

But it started and ran great after I got all that done Friday night. So I rode it across town to C&C yesterday, and it ran great. As I was leaving, it died, and when I looked, sure enough, the cap and line had worked its way off the spark plug.


I got this resolved pretty quick, but it feels like this thing is not very secure. Any ideas on securing this critical connection? Thanks!