Good Morning Oppo, here's some news that I didn't expect to read this morning

The Challenger outsold the Camaro in 2018.

Which one would you choose?

But the Mustang is still #1

From Motorauthority:

Despite a decrease in sales of 7.4 percent compared to the previous year, Ford managed to sell 75,842 Mustangs in 2018. The figure is more than enough to claim the number one spot after its first full year on sale after a mid-cycle refresh.


Second place goes to the Dodge Challenger. Although it placed second of the three, Dodge should celebrate the fact that it is the only brand that saw sales of muscle cars rise. In 2018, Challenger sales rose 3 percent year-over-year with a total of 66,716 cars sold. We have a feeling the Challenger SRT Demon had something to do with the uptick as more buyers jumped on the bandwagon by nameplate association. The Challenger is also archaic compared to the Mustang and Camaro, but buyers continue to flock to the car for affordable V-8 power and retro good looks.

A redesign of the Challenger and platform-sharing mate Charger isn’t due until sometime early next decade. FCA’s late chief, Sergio Marchionne, told Motor Authority last June that the redesigned cars may stick with the current-gen platform, albeit a heavily updated version.

Finally, in last place is the Chevrolet Camaro. Despite its sharp chassis and three different engine choices, the Camaro continues to flounder in the segment. Last year, the Camaro found just 50,963 homes—a decrease of 25 percent year-over-year. Since the sixth-generation car debuted, the Camaro battled to gain traction in the segment after banner years earlier this decade with the fifth-generation car. Readers may recall it was often the Camaro in first place atop both the Mustang and Challenger.

And that new 2019 SS face is not going to help- A reminder:

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