Sgt. Vance Chandler, spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department, told The Bee that Garcia Alvarez followed another man in a Ford Fiesta off Interstate 80 near FIfth and X streets after some sort of disturbance occurred on the highway. Garcia Alvarez then allegedly rammed his Chevrolet Trail Blazer into the man’s Fiesta multiple times before fleeing.

The victim did not suffer significant injuries and did not need to go a hospital, Chandler said.

Garcia Alvarez continued to drive down X Street, and repeatedly rammed an unoccupied Honda CRV into the intersection of 10th and X streets, police said.


He then got out of his car, climbed onto the roof of the CRV, and jumped on it, breaking the car’s windows, authorities said.

Garcia Alvarez was still on top of the car when police arrived at the scene