Good Morning Opponauts! I’ve been lurking around here since 2016, but finally decided to ask for authorship and it was graciously granted by our fine hosts... There will be plenty to say and share, I’m that guy who causes accidents taking pictures of other people’s rides while trying to steer my own. I’m a die-hard GM man, with a weirdly complimentary love for wagons and fast Japanese imports. I know it’s heresy around here, but I have no love for BMW unless it’s a big-ass 7 or 8 Series, no love for Mercedes unless it’s a Unimog, and love me some Porsche of any flavor. My particular brand of automotive glory is square-body Chevy trucks (K5 Blazers, in particular), 1973-1991 vintage. There was never an ugly Camaro, even the worst Camaro was better than the Mustang II. Mopar is Blowpar, unless it’s a Cummins powered four-door Jeep. I’m also a huge airplane nerd, to the point that I have a P-51D Mustang tattooed on my bicep. I’ve travelled the world with the US Navy, I was a fireman in Colorado for ten years, and have had an interesting life. I now live in Phoenix, and wouldn’t trade it for the world since I can’t stand being cold.

I have tons of photos, which I will share once I figure out how to post them. Seems even a newbie gets Kinja’d, since my attempts to add photos to this intro post repeatedly fail, lol... Glad to be a part of this community!