It is gray, and it is going to rain this afternoon or evening.

Morning coffee with Toby and the fleet. Please note that he apparently stolen pair of my son’s socks and brought them outside.

Right now, there are 3 more cars in front. Cressida (tomorrow’s project!!), Impreza (sporting the CaptDale STI chrome exhaust that is the talk of the high school parking lot), and my mother-in-law’s late model CR-V. My neighbors may have concerns.


By the way, I had the factory tow package installed on my wife’s QX60, which we use to trailer the Vespa. The dealer said he could not get one with the package installed, and I have never seen another one with a factory hitch on the road. Granted, it’s towing capacity is shit, but I think it is a statement on how these cars are used. I bought her the logo hitch cover as a gift, and I think the receiver and cover improve the look of the car substantially. SUPER-RARE QX60 WITH FACTORY TOW PACKAGE - I KNOW WHAT I HAVE. Sorry. I lost control there for a sec. I’m cool now. Let’s look at a Celica. 70s car design ruled.


Never look at cars for sale. God damn it. I want all the old Toyotas. Sigh. Everything in moderation, right? Even Toyotas. I think. Maybe. Let’s move on.

I bought a new turntable, and ordered the 78 rpm needle from Amazon. There is actually more than one type of needle for 78s, depending on era the size of the groove changes. I bought the one most likely to work on the widest range of records. I may end up needing the other one too.


I have gone down a rabbit hole researching at record restoration. It is actually quite remarkable. There are even techniques to remove and repair scratches and light damage which I hope to learn eventually.

I am going to be methodical about this. I am going to start with my LPs and 45s. I am going to clean my entire collection, which will take a while. Then my grandfather’s 78s. This will also take a long time - there are shitloads of them. I figure I will have a pretty good handle on cleaning.

Then I am going to go back to 45s and LPs that are damaged, but that I don’t particularly value. I will work on the physical repair and restoration to see what I can learn to do.


My ultrasonic cleaning system has been assembled, and record cleaning posts will be coming. When I am an old man, I will have a record restoration business to amuse myself. I do not expect this to be profitable.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoy my fish having breakfast in the restored pond for your time.

I have to go to the office this morning, but I will be working on those records this afternoon. I hope you have a good day. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Fuck the Patriots. (I am very sad that Andy Reid's clock management may be the only thing standing between Satan and another Super Bowl).


Happy Sunday, Oppo. I hope it is nice where you are.