After a courteous, yet direct, email, my dealership has decided to replace my radiator free of charge! To catch you up, my wife’s X1 had the radiator replaced under the 100k mile CPO warranty at around 94k miles in January. Car set off the low coolant warning within two months, but the dealer told me there were no leaks (hmmmmm). Car continued to have to be topped off every few months until a few weeks ago when it only lasted a week. At this point you could clearly see coolant seeping from the radiator tanks. Called the dealer and they said if it was the radiator the repair would be covered. Well, brought the car in and they walked back that statement. They said BMW NA denied the warranty claim and doesn’t warranty work or parts supplied under warranty, and that you’re SOL if BMW gives them a bad part and you’re warranty runs out. Thanks BMW!

However, the dealer said they’d replace the radiator free of charge as a courtesy. Seems pretty shitty on BMW’s part, but I have to give props to my dealer, BMW North Scottsdale. These guys have always given me good service, and I was pretty confident they’d come through in the end. Orange BMW for your time.