What happens when the propane plant you work on your cars at is owned by a construction HVAC company?

You get to use their




Like the kind they used when they heated Miller STADIUM.

What happened is here.

A few million BTUs worth of heaters and FOUR industrial dehumidifiers [this is for maybe...4,000 square feet], and it was dryer than the Mojave Desert in there in an hour.


All engines (the trash '80 302, the never-seen-a-mile 429, the built '87 302) were on engine stands [makes me think that engine stands are something I seem to collect >_>] so they're okay. The interiors and brakes are what worried me, but they appear to be in okay shape also after drying out. This is fantastic, as that would have put us back to a level of completion last seen in 2004 on the '66, and ruined the one good mechanical thing on the '70(the brakes).

Oh, and slightly ironic, but weatherstripping for the '70 arrived today. So it'll be, you know, dryer.

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