Good news: I made it up to Sheboygan tonight for the Indy Car race at Road America this weekend. Indy Car at Road America!!!!

Bad news: The reservation I made like nine months ago was mysteriously canceled by the hotel computer system that took a dump a couple days ago. Thanks for notifying me d-bags! The hotel clerk was really ... Not apologetic at all about it (the nicest thing I could possibly say).

Good news: Thanks to a team canceling a block of rooms at the last minute, I was able to get a room at another hotel across town.

Bonus good news: The room is being billed to the hotel I reserved at, who by law is not allowed to charge me, because they screwed up and walked me to another hotel. Free hotel! Still has free breakfast too, and is perfectly nice and clean.

Time for sleep. Gonna get an early start tomorrow.