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There may not be a new Dacia Sandero (so far as I know), but the July Fastrack is out.


“1. #24710 (Club Racing Board) 200 Treadwear Tires
The CRB is considering requiring tires with a minimum treadwear rating of 200 for all IT cars.
Please provide your feedback through


The SCCA CRB is considering mandating 200 tread wear rated tires for all IT classes and is soliciting member input. This would allow racing on Falken 615+ Azenis type tires, which would mean significantly cutting the biggest running cost of club racing. On the Integra, this would be the difference between having to run a $1000 set of tires that last no more than one weekend (if I’m on my very best behavior, being very careful to always manage front tire temps, never locking up an inside front tire under turn-in, and rotating tires off the front after every single session), to running a $600 set of tires that one could drive the piss out of all day and still last more than one weekend even on a FWD car. I don’t care about adding a couple of seconds a lap over sticky rubber if everyone else is too.

Let those of us running inexpensive IT racecars go play on cheap, durable rubber, and they’ll find more of us will come out and play again if it costs less money to do. I know other folks with old IT cars in their garages that don’t play anymore because at some point life dictated that spending $1500-$2000 a weekend to play racecar just wasn’t in the cards anymore.


Not everyone has sights set on runoffs or going to the ARRC. Some of us just want to go play with our old racecars, and this would significantly lower the cost of doing so without relegating us to considering parade laps vintage racing with folks that sometimes don’t really want us there, don’t always want to really race, and are some times offended that 80's and 90's small displacement, and often econobox based racecars, are seconds per lap faster than their very sexy, but very old machinery from the 50's and 60's.

For me, this could be the difference between running one or two weekends per year to maybe, kinda, sorta, somehow finagling away to run a full season without credit cards bursting into flames. In my case, I could run even cheaper 195/60/14 Azenis in practice sessions on the CRX phone dial rollers to save a couple of heat cycles per weekend on the 15" set that I would actually run in qualifying and race sessions.


Send your letters to the CRB! I’ll be writing a strongly worded letter in support.

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