Did you ever notice how the new Espace looks strikingly similar to the new Murano? I mean, look at these pictures.

They both have this funny dip below the front badge, and the fog light housings are this weird parallelogram shape. Also, under the license plate is a grille which mimicks the design of a skidplate. Both their hoods have well-defined ribs as well which continue to form the upper outline.


The motif continues on the back and sides, with both of them having a chrome strip along the bottom of the doors, and taillights with two red stripes running through them. The side window on both is pinched as it moves towards the D-pillar and the housing for the licesnse plate has a very emphasized downward crease (hard to see on the Purple Espace). Finally, the bottom part has a similar sweep upwards, again mimicking a skidplate as the grilles in the front did.

Obviously the Renault-Nissan relationship is there, but the Espace is based on the Rogue platform and not the larger Murano, so are these details a coincidence or was the Murano styled by a Frenchman? Or am I just too tired and need sleep? Help me Oppo, tell me I’m not just seeing things here...