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Good Old 6th Gen Honda Accord

Illustration for article titled Good Old 6th Gen Honda Accord

*Picture above was not the one I drove*

We recently acquired a green 2000 Honda Accord “Special Edition” at work and I must say... I REALLY enjoyed driving the thing. Only 118,000 miles and VERY clean inside and out.


I drove it around town quite a bit and realized how enjoyable it was! ( I LOVE the old Honda starter noise!)

Despite its cleanliness, that particular one had two glaring issues. One would be the loud power steering pump, that appeared to be on its last legs and two.... I *think* the automatic transmission... After driving it for a while, I’d start to notice it shift oddly/erratically, or shudder as I was going down the road... not very confidence inspiring..


I would totally spring for a 6th gen Accord with a manual though!

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