I've had good and bad omens while car shopping.

When I was shopping for a 1st gen MR2, I found one 70 miles from my house. I booked a trailer sight unseen, and prepared to go get it. The day before, I actually happened to have a job ten minutes from it while at work (that NEVER happens...I work mostly in RI, the call was in Essex, MA) and got to go check it out. I cancelled my trailer reservation shortly thereafter.

So it's always nice to get some confirmation that you did the right thing, even after the fact.

My neighbor is also a car guy. C3, 65 Mustang convertible, and a dune buggy...pretty eclectic group, but he's an awesome guy. I was working on the Corvair out in the driveway, and he told me the consignment shop up the road had a 1/24 model kit of a Corvair for sale. I decided I'd go check it out.

I think it was about a week later I finally got in there, and found this:


It's a Corvair, it's a Monza...hell, it's even a '69 so I don't have to fab up tiny headrests for the seats. I thought the only problem would be the wheels, except...

It even comes with some custom wheels, which look kinda familiar...


Good omens all around.

I haven't built any models in a while. The most recent would actually be some 1/24 slot cars I built for my club:


Anyway, I'll have pictures of the Corvair model up when it's done. Whenever the hell that is.

Now, it's hockey time! Go Bruins!