first was a call I got a call from Enterprise ( think that’s who it was). My former-step-sister-in-law (mother in law’s x-husbands daughter) rented a car from Logan airport and has not returned. I think he said the car is 2 weeks over due. I don’t know how they managed my cell number but I havn’t seen or talked ot her in a few years so I was no help. I was considering asking them if they thought what she did was a favor, considering it was a Cruze, but I decided to leave the jokes out of it.

second call, the good call, was from a builder who had been referred to me to design a house. This will be my first house on my own so I’m pretty excited. 2400 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage in the basement. Its going to be a basic rectangle but I thought it might be cool to make it look like a refurbished barn.