I’m not a huge Kenny Chesney fan, and actually liked the music from the opener better (Old Dominion) but I have to say Chesney puts on a great show and from everything I saw is a class act.

First, he activily promoted his charity throughout the show, with the large screens showing the impact his foundation has had. Second, he stopped the show at one point for him (and the crowd) to recognize the middle school girl who was shot here last week. And then during the encore he autographed and wrote a lengthy note on one of his guitars (live on stage), then picked out a young girl, brought her onstage, gave her the guitar and a big hug, then spent probably 10 minutes walking the entire front row signing autographs for fans while the band jammed out the final song. Lastly, when he was done signing for fans but the band was still jamming Chesney brought all the stage hands out onstage and went down the line shaking every single persons hand who helped put on the show.

Not a huge fan of the music, but I was very impressed with how he recognized the city, the fans, and the crew.