Since others have asked and you folks have been very helpful and I go. The wife is looking to get a new laptop. Her Lenovo is now 5 years old, runs slow and likes to crash when she is using Phototshop. We have tried everything we could to clean it up and optimize it, but no luck. So we are going to bite the bullet and get a new machine. We know that Macs tend to be preferred for photo stuff, but we really don't want to spend that kind of money. We are not totally closed to the idea of a Mac if any of you can convince us, but she would prefer a PC ideally under $1000. We spotted this Toshiba at Staples the performance seems pretty bonkers for the price. While she does do Photo editing and other projects she is not a professional photographer so she does not need the super hi-rez screens like some of the Photo mags are suggesting. I figured since we have a good mix of Tech and Photo aficionados here it would be a good place to get some help.