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Good Thing I Visited My Folks Last Weekend (Chicago Politics)

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Delicious buffer.

Dan Ryan (interstate 90/94) is the busiest road in Illinois, and according to this article, officials are working with demonstrators to shut down a part of the busiest road in the state to protest police brutality.


I am all for protesting and marching, but I don’t understand the major highway necessity. I could be completely wrong, and major highways were used in history. Marching on side streets (even major ones like Michigan Ave) is completely different, and detours are easily accessible. This is expected to take place around 47th street on the south side, so exiting the interstate to go around this will take you through a not so friendly neighborhood.

It already takes double the time it should to drive through the city on Dan Ryan. I drove through this interstate last weekend to visit the folks (and got some Portillos). Regardless of the time of day, there is crawling traffic somewhere. My mom has been taking this interstate to and from work every day for 40+ years; 15 miles as the crow flies, but she has never taken less than an hour to commute. Not just for the commuters, but trucks and cargo will be affected by this.


Again, I support peaceful protesting for injustices. I don’t like the use of a very busy interstate.

Bonus: Chicago may require Illinois residents to quarantine for 14 days upon entry to the city


Excluding Chicago, Illinois cases have almost reached the threshold to be considered a “hot state” under Chicago’s quarantine guidelines.

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