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Good truck

Broke her in with a 2000+ mile road trip the last couple of weeks. Did a lot of highway miles and some more interesting miles, and she performed like a champ. I learned about her quirks, and there definitely are some...the hvac and sunroof controls in particular are a significant and confusing downgrade on the 4th gen. My vacation was interrupted by car-related work travel that thus far has gone the way I wanted it to, so... so far so good on all counts.

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Then I got home and took apart the cargo area more or less down to the body panels to detail her, because said road trip included three dogs and some windy roads....yikes.

And I drove my C63 to dinner tonight for the first time in several weeks. Great car, damn. Forgot how stiff the track suspension is for a guy with back and hip problems. No matter! The fleet should be set for some time, notwithstanding some potential shuffling on the other half of the driveway.

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