Damn...we are really out here.

I worked both Friday and Saturday nights, but had some fantastic Bob Evans breakfast yesterday with a close friend.

Today, the aforementioned friend, along with another friend, and I spent the whole day eating food, going to the nail salon (Gotta look fresh), and just having a great time overall.


I’ve driven the Volvo 1,900 miles in 32 days, which is a lot for a sixteen year old, but my commute to school is 13 miles each way and my work is right next to the school, so I tend to drive a lot.

I will be doing a full review of the Volvo when I am suddenly un-busy over break, and I think y’all will enjoy it.

Just some quick notes about the car:

1. Most comfortable seats in the world but they need to be restored ASAP. I haven’t taken any interior pics because I do not like how the seat looks.


2. Turbo lag. There’s lots. There’s nothing until about 4,000 RPM, but when the turbo decides to wake up it gives me a nice gift of SPEED. Also the turbo spool is an intoxicating noise. This is not a slow car.

3. The radio is fantastic. The cassette player is next level awesome.

4. Averages 18.6 MPG and the TrailBlazer averaged seventeen, so not much improvement. Plus I put premium in it, so it’s only costing me much more money. Casual...


5. ???

6. It’s green.

I need to sleep, but how was all of your weekends?

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