Good wingadinga.

This car captures my attention in a very good way.

It’s a 63 Plymouth Belvedere with a 426 wedge! And a 3 on the floor!. I love the color, the color matched wheels, the blue interior. The vertical blinkers.It has a distinct look of quite confidence. Like a Dad whos always there to help you when you have no idea what you’re doing, but a car.


This interior is great. It’s spartan as you’d expect from a Plymouth but classy nonetheless


And the icing on the cake. The 426 wedge.That crazy looking offset dual air cleaners. That orange paint.


This car obviously isn’t cheap tho.But as I’m typing this I honestly have no idea what the asking price was because I was distracted by how awesome the car is. Okay the pic loaded... 50k that’s alotta spaghetti, but it’s still a “if I could I would” situation for me.

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