Goodbye 944, I'll find you again, someday...

Dear 944 Turbo,

I know you are being sold, and leaving our family, but I will find you again, someday... Life, it seems, has punched me in the gut, yet again, and for the time being, I’ll have to watch some guy I don’t know drive off with you. Hopefully this man will treat you as kindly, and maintain you as well as my grandfather, and father have. Hopefully when I hunt you down in a few years, you won’t have had a ton of miles added on to the approximately 37,500 miles you have now. Hopefully this man won’t beat you to hell. Hopefully this man won’t do something absurd like gut you and turn you into a track-day car. If he does any of these things, I may not be able to keep my cool, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


I tried everything I could to find a way to buy you from my father... I considered getting a loan, but considering I’m unemployed at the moment, and don’t have much of a credit history, it’s unlikely a bank would give me one. I tried to convince my father to hold off on selling you, so that I could find work, and buy you from him over time, but he shot that down by telling me “give me $16,300 right now, or forget it”. I desperately brainstormed for ideas on how to get the cash, and even considered something as desperate as starting a crowdfunding campaign, and asking other people to donate money to me so that I could buy you... But I figured that like most other things in my life, it wouldn’t work out, and in the end I’d just feel like an ass for trying.

So here we are... On the night during which you will likely be sold to some stranger, and I am quite sad, though not as sad as I will be when this stranger eventually arrives to pick you up, and take you away. Watching some stranger drive off with you is going to be gut-wrenching, as I have longed to own you since I first saw you, and went for a ride with you at the age of 9.


So, it is with a heavy heart, and a frown on my face that I say Goodbye 944, I’ll find you again, someday...

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