I sold my Beetle to a small car lot that’s part of a slightly larger dealership group last Friday. He drove it about ten days ago and then I didn’t hear from him so I thought he decided not to make an offer. Well; he came back with the exact number that was my bottom dollar last Thursday; I made a small reasonable counter offer and he accepted. I’m pretty happy as the number was well within KBB private party range and a bit over even the high side of KBB trade in range. In the last year I’ve only put maybe 3000 miles on it and I’m not kidding that a decent portion of those miles are because I would say to myself “oh I should drive my beetle cause I haven’t in the last week.”

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The plan for now is to be a 2 car family who also uses transit.

In the long run if I ever get a third car it’ll most likely be an automatic and I’ve already got 4 cars in mind that I’d start with looking at in order of preference (335d, 135i dct, Golf sportwagen 4Motion, and Lancer Ralliart) and a car I’d “settle for” if i could avoid financing it(328i x drive with sport package) but it’ll be nice not to have a payment and not worry about parking/caring for the 3rd car. Truth be told if a good 135i or 335d were in town I’d go look but I’m pretty obsessed with my financial planning lately and the thought of not insuring or paying for a car is so darn tempting.


So, here is to my “manly” beetle. It was quick and easy to drive, it held cross country skis and 3 people, and it made people say “your other car is a what?” I always liked it but I never loved it and on nice days I never opted for it over the 996 unless I knew traffic would be truly horrendous. It ended up needing a wheel bearing, a door micro switch, and a gas cover lock assembly in the two years I had it.

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