We needed to say goodbye to the Legacy today. It was due for it’s 2 year Shaken (JCI) by today, and with the fact that it needed tires, new brakes (probably rotors as well because Japan) to pass, alignment, and (I’ve noticed more lean in corners than it should be having so probably) suspension as well; it just didn’t make sense to invest money in it when my wife wants us to have a smaller car anyway.


With all of that factored in we visited the place we purchased the Legacy from 2 years ago. They had a 2009 Fit that would work, and used the Legacy to make up what they would have asked us to pay extra in paperwork fees. This supposedly was ¥100,000. From what I understand that’s about as good as it gets.

So now I have a 10 year old Fit G. The first experience driving it is weird compared to the Legacy. The driving position is definitely different, the gas pedal is soft, and that huge dash with no hood will take time to adjust to seeing.


The real blemish on the car is this dent that they “painted - so don’t worry it won’t really be visible.” Yeah, they did a bang-up job of that one. I’m guessing the grabbed some white from Daiso for ¥108.

So does anyone have advice to make a pretty base model Fit a better driver?

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