Blue Ap1 S2000 seats are sold. But I made a tidy profit and they went to a good home.

Purchased for $500 a month ago, sold today for $650, which was my asking price. I knew what I had-no lowballerz.

Sad to see them go as they were one of my dream seats, but it would have been more work than I realistically wanted to do to get them fitted properly. Glad I got to spend some time with them though. Like I said above, they went to a great home.

An older guy pulled up in a blue Sti. Polite, Eastern European accent, he wanted them for his blue bmw 2002 project. He sounded like he knew his way around a project, so I hope he gets these working properly in the Bavarian beast.


This money will almost cover two harnesses, which will go a long way towards having the Miata back to where it was prior to the break-in.

I didn’t get too many crazy Craigslist people (I’ve never had a bad CL experience actually) but there were two interesting offers...



And lastly... The competition. Absolutely fucking crack pipe on the first, nice price on the second (but Southcenter so they’re probably stolen and you should definitely meet at a police station for the buy)