Goodbye my sweet princess

Incoherent rambling to follow. Feel free to hit the back button before you’re sucked in. I’m just once again stuck at work when I want/need to be somewhere important, and I need a medium to get this out.

I never thought I could be accused of being a cat person. If you include the hunting dogs that were always around when I was young I’ve had 12 dogs in my lifetime, and I do still consider myself a dog person. That sweet girl up there definitely turned me into an animal person instead.


When I met my wife she had a stereotypical cat. Attention is given on it’s terms, and trying to pet at the wrong time or spot on the body would be met with a hiss at best and possibly a swat with the claws if you were too slow to take the hint. My wife convinced me that part of the problem was she’d never been an only kitty and was lonely.

After trips to several shelters we found Gabby. She was cute enough, but beyond that I left it up to my wife because I figured “eh it’s another cat.”

She turned out to be the sweetest animal I’ve ever owned. She had two loves in life kibble and being petted. She was just over seven years old, and I have never heard her hiss in her life. Occasionally, she has to defend herself from the younger cat we have, but that’s the only time she wasn’t a little angel.

My wife took her to the emergency vet tonight, and there’s nothing they can do for her. I just wish I was there to say goodbye.


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