Well Guys,

I’ve left Oahu, and my Ninja, Accord and 450SL. Thankfully, the 450SL is on its way to Texas to stay at my parents for a bit. Thank God for family with barns to create treasures for the future.

The last photo of it for a while.

I stripped quite a few spare parts off the grey parts car:


Basically the stuff that was expensive if I need to replace it. Though I couldn’t ship the grill. It was just too long. I really wish I could have sent the tires, but that’s just too expensive.

The worst part is that businesses on Oahu are straight vultures or lazy. I had to pay someone to come tow it away when it has four useable tires, the engine and transmission (minus the fuel distributor and cold start module). I know scrap metal has tanked, but the company who came for it were disreputable anyway and rather than scrapping they resell or part stuff out. I guess that’s why they were the only ones willing to come take it though.


Such is life though.

Now I have to find a car here, and eventually a motorcycle. Once the typhoon is completely gone, I’ll start finding some interesting cars here. There’s something small and old under a cover in my apartment building’s parking lot. I can’t wait to see what it is.