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Goodbye old friend

We had many good times, may you provide as much enjoyment to the next guy.

I sold the Charger yesterday and feel a little better about not having 3 car payments but overall, I will miss that awesome piece of budget-power. I had forgotten just how much power that thing had until I went to drive it to the meetup and tapped the gas pedal just a little too much and sent the tires spinning. And of course immediately sent it into Stability Control (limp) mode. It’s almost comedic how Chrysler decided to treat traction control before. If any wheel spin is noticed while turning, the car cuts all throttle. It makes for a very long winter lol. But for all of the little nuances, there will be more times where it put a smile on my face, or the other 4 passengers when on that road trip to Florida, or during my Wife and I’s Anniversary trip to South Carolina.

It was always a smooth ride, with all the amenities of a luxury car and the cheap plastic of a Saturn. Such a quirky car that I will always remember fondly.


So long, good friend.

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