So I had been a very loyal Craftsman customer for 15 years, almost every tool I had bought up util a couple years ago was Craftsman and came from Sears.

Then the quality started to drop off pretty seriously, then selection started to drop, then they closed all of the stores around me.


All the while this was happening the budget brands (like Ryobi) got better and better. So this past Thanksgiving sale Home Depot had a killer sale on Ryobi brushless tool so I pulled the trigger and bought a batch.

Since then my collection of Craftsmancordless tools had sat unused since then so I posted them on CL.

I’m glad to get them cleared out of the garage, but it seems almost sad to send these faithful companions on to someone else. Especially since the 15 tools I had + batteries + chargers is now apparently only worth $150 since Black and Decker abandoned the 19.2 volt series I had.


Well they will get some more life with the next owner instead of continuing to gather dust in my garage.

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