Goodguys, Goodbyes, and car culture

I’m a big fan of cars’n’coffee. Car people of all persuasions and biases can mingle, enjoy our hobby, and then go on about our day. This is in contrast to the old school car shows; you know, bring your lawn chair and sit by your car in the heat all day, yell at that kid to keep his grimy hands off your upholstery, and make fun of other car groups (ricers, truckers, old farts, Chevies/Fords/Mopars or whatever isn’t your group). Here are some ironic photos and thoughts from the Goodguys show today:

I don’t like stance. It looks stupid.... But this red Fairlane is essentially stanced and looks oh so good. My father is rolling over in his grave at this very moment, and theres’s probably a clause in his will that says I’m disinherited now.


Bro trucks? Obviously compensating for something. But this gorgeous ‘56 Ford with a 5.9 Cummins makes me want to buy an Affliction shirt and get a gnarly tattoo on my neck. This truck probably has its own Tinder account.

What about Low Riders? Not my style. But wait- the detailing on this Chevy is mind-blowing. Matching design work on the radiator, engine, and body trim.


I don’t care if you’re from the ghetto, barrio, or tax-evasion district, this is beautiful car art.

I think the traditional car shows will fade with the Baby Boomers. I’m not young, but I was definitely one of the younger people there today. Do I think car culture is on life support too? I doubt it, it just won’t look the same. I’m guessing in 20 years we’ll be parking our old-school Dino-juice cars next to modified EVs, making fun of the new kids with their Mr. Fusion-powered hover cars

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