So I found out my backup portable harddrive crashed. About half my files are now corrupt. Going through what's left, I had a bit of nostalgia. As you guys are the closest thing I have to family, I thought I'd share.

The lead picture was during my first night flight. Back when I used to talk to my parents about more than money, business, or planning the one time a year we see each other. We were flying down to Mississippi to visit my grandparents.

This was during my brief dabbling into photography and graphic design. The building has since been demolished, and the car was totaled years ago.


Here's an old picture of me, doing some work in DC. Unlimited free alcohol at the Library of Congress. Nothing quite like sipping a gin and tonic while checking out the Gutenberg Bible.

Back to car-related: The (actual) reason why I don't let anyone borrow my car.


When I first moved to Arizona, and bought my first Miata.

It's been a crazy couple of years. Since 2010, I've re-prioritized my life and cut out the parts that were holding me back. I've completely lost or cut contact with everyone I knew. I hardly associate with my family (save for an annual visit and the occasional phone call). I've accomplished more than most people around my age, and I'm sure I've failed more than most as well.

But you all have always stayed the same. Thanks, Oppo.