First time going to school in a week tomorrow, that is if it doesn't decided to ice again.

I've been looking at Craigslist for the past few hours and complied a short list of cars I'm kinda interested in. None of them are really exciting from an enthusiast standpoint, but they're all reliable for the most part and will be suitable for my highway commute. Some "highlights" include:

'97 Camry XLE V6

'05 Mazda 6 V6

'02 Seville SLS

'05 Grand Prix GTP

'07 Police Interceptor

'02 3.2TL

'01 Jimmy SLT

'02 QX4

Like I said, not really exciting. The funny thing about these is the Cadillac is the cheapest and also looks the cleanest and has second lowest miles (107k), only beaten by the police interceptor by 2,000 miles.