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Took the Colorado up a random path today and found myself a great little off-road proving ground where I quickly learned a few things about the truck.


1.) The hill descent control works. It works really, really well.

2.) Its the perfect width for really narrow trails that have brush on one side and certain death on the other


3.) Its the perfect length for turning around on aforementioned trails when you reach a rut so deep it's probably home to a giant sand worm.

4.) The backup camera tells the truth and you should always believe what your eyes are seeing.


5.) The Z71 suspension is no joke and can handle much larger rocks than one would think.

Whole lot more thoughts and video coming in the full review next week. I'm wicked impressed with this truck, so far I think it'd make a great companion for just about anyone.

Andrew Maness writes about cars because he has one and also has a computer. He's been known to drunkenly Tweet as @thisnicelife and upload photos to @theroadlessdriven. He also has a YouTube Channel and thinks talking about himself in the 3rd person is really weird but knows it's necessary if he wants to be taken seriously as an automotive journalist.


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