Life is good for me right now. A couple weeks ago, I took the ACT for the first time. I didn’t study because my councilors recommended that you take the first one without studying as a benchmark. This morning, I got my results back. I am thrilled to say I got a 31! Beyond that, we’ve received offers on the Flex, I’ve been having a great time at the CWS games with friends, my boss told me that I’ve been doing good work so far (but drive the gator slower!) and this weekend I leave for Chicago in a rental while my car goes in to the shop to get fixed. By next week, my dad will likely have a new car of some sort. Chicago Opponents, I’ll try to be at the Downer’s Grove cruise again this coming weekend. I met Where have all the lightweights gone? last year, and look forward to meeting more of you this year! Rock on Oppo!