If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Goodnight Oppo

Yup I’m still here. Enjoy the Jaguar, courtesy of reddit/shootingcars. Also the Radiohead cover, courtesy of Easystar Allstars.

Watkins Glen is opening their freshly paved track next weekend and my workplace is having a Cars & Coffee the weekend after that.


I hope I can do at least one of those events justice by shooting (and promoting) well. I really hope I can drive my recently undriven car to either event. I haven’t had an unprepared highschool exam while naked dream yet so I’m probably good.

I DID have a dream where I had an inexplicably gorgeous girlfriend who nonchalantly drove a Jaguar Mark II in burgundy pearl. High doses of B vitamins will mess wit you, man.

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