note: representation of past ownership, see below.

Had my first post-OP* appointment Friday afternoon with the surgeon who did my Septoplasty. Personally I’m not affected by it but for the sake of your souls, I will not describe what came out of my nose today nor how it was done.

I told him that the painkiller meds, Oxycodone-Acetametiphin (aka Percocet or Oxycontin w/ Tylenol, if you will) did nothing** to kill my pain but made me dizzy off and on throughout the day [side note: my internal monologue kept coming up with really bad jokes about jilted, surburban Stepford wives heading toward divorce...don’t look at me like that — it was the drugs talking]....

Whatever. I digress.

He said I can stop taking it immediately and by tomorrow, I should be able to do some things like lawn work and driving and going out to socialize (occasional nasal drip permitting). Plus I’m suppose to have a guy stop by tomorrow to fix a couple of sections on my roof. Fingers crossed he shows.


Oh, about the cars chosen: they represented the last 2 cars that I paid cash and owned outright at the same time***. My ‘96 855T was black, but my ‘02 TL Type-S was silver like the one in the picture. Not really sure why I chose those cars, but I do miss them dearly.

Welp, Goodnight Oppo. And for those of you going out and about, please be safe.


** It did do something positive: it killed my appetite for the past 8 days (normal side effect), enough that I lost about 8-10 lbs


***IMHO, a very sad, sad, painful story for another time...maybe. Don’t worry, no one died.