I’m calling it a night early because I’m actually excited to go vote tomorrow morning. I’m 23 and this will be my first time voting because of voter suppression my parents not mailing me my absentee ballot in 2012.

I know many of you don’t share my enthusiasm, but voting is important. Hell, I live in one of the redder states in the nation and that’s not gonna stop me from voting (though I did have to turn around a scan of my passport overnight because Kansas wasn’t convinced that I was a U.S. citizen).

While I’m outwardly a pessimist realist, I’m always hoping that I’ll be proven wrong. I want people to feel that they can express themselves without fear of retribution, I want to see us solve complex problems with critical thought, and I want people to fundamentally understand the common humanity that lies within us all


You all know I’m voting for Hillary, and I hope you will too, but it’s more important that you vote for the future that you believe in.

I know I am.