Goodnight Oppo

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Life, death, mental illness, sexual orientation, [enter your preferred type here] rights, love, loss, sports, video games, movies, hobbies, religion, a metric ton of stuff that I can’t think of right now, and vehicles and vehicle related stuff are things we talk about, share, discuss, sympathize/empathize over, and on and on and on.


But for some reason some of us forget the first rule of Oppo at times over a single subject matter:


Yes, be excellent to each other. Not just on special occasions but every day.


Since I’m not a mod, I can only offer sound advice: if you feel challenged, take your beef elsewhere to spare the sanity of the actual mods, as well of the sanity of your fellow Oppos.


Better yet (and IMHO), DO NOT ENGAGE.

There is no written nor implied rule that you have to reply to anyone for any reason on the internet nor IRL. Just do a Homer Simpson and back into a bush and move on.


So, I’ve aired my grievance. I have others, but I’ve shared them elsewhere today.

As the head of my household, I would challenge all comers to wrestle me to demonstrate feats of strength.


Just not tonight.

I’m tired and if I was forced to do so right now, I would fight dirty and cheat — most likely I would kneecap you with a softball bat.


In lieu of physical challenge, please accept the fact that I was polite, I singled no one out, and didn’t curse as a suitable strength.

Goodnight Oppo.

And just in case, have a safe and happy holidays!!!

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