Google Chrome font changed?

For all you typography nerds out there - yesterday I came home from work and booted up my laptop, only to find the default display fonts looking a little... different. It’s subtle, but if you do any kind of visual work you can see it’s off. It’s also slightly bigger, which pushes more of any web page off the screen:


That is all I see when I open Oppo, even less on any GMG sites because of the top stories bar. It’s happening with both serif and sans serif fonts. The headline below looks normal, because it’s set by, but the character width and kerning on the non-headline text look different too:

Everything in my settings is still set to default with no zoom, and I haven’t fucked around with installing any pirated fonts for Photoshop or anything. Anyone ever encounter this, or know what I should do? Most threads I see on forums are about the fonts going totally haywire, not this slight shift.

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