Last Sunday I cracked the screen on my Google Pixel. Started a claim with Asurion (Verizon phone insurance people) and they said it’d be $200 to replace the phone because they didn’t offer screen replacement (an $80) deductible for the Pixel. Oh and they didn’t have any phones in stock and the backorder was anywhere from 3-10 days (though looking online, people said the backorder stretched for weeks). So I found UBreakIfix who is the authorized repair shop for the Pixel. Called them earlier this week to inquire about a screen replacement, they said they could do it for $130. Great. So I took off early from work today because they have 3 locations all in the south Bay about 20 miles in the opposite direction of my house. Get to the store and they tell me they’re out of stock of screens for the black Pixel! Issue with their distributor. So presumably Google’s fault.

So now I still have a phone with a cracked screen but now I have no idea how or when it’ll get fixed. Argh!