One of the perks of SV is to see the new self-driving cars all over the place (and see tons of the new Tesla SUV, which looks like an over-inflated Tesla sedan) So here is your future Google self-driving car to carry you everywhere.

However, this thing in person is barely the size of a amusement park ride cart. It has mirrors (for Humans) and also side cameras and detectors (so at a glance it looks like 2 side mirrors in each door) Hard to see, but the dude riding is on the passenger side.

The vehicle (car?) is tiny (closest size in person? = Tata Nano) and it was doing about 25-30 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. (so slow)


Dunno, I’d rather keep any of my cars to drive until death does my part than to travel on these self-driving things. We’ll see. What you Jalops think? What is the model name of this thing? Does anyone know?